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Here and There!

May 29, 2013

Well it has been sometime since I have posted here. I suppose I have myself to blame for my laziness and ability to forget. Ah, we’ll at least I can say I have been living a very Hermes minded life. Granted, I haven’t exactly moved very far but I certainly have been many different places in body and spirit. Hermes is there showing the way or giving a nudge to us throughout our lives. We just have to be careful to not be too carefree otherwise one will be walking the same road for sometime.

Still, to Hermes I give my thanks for my life. For safe travels for my kin and I, quick wit, good fortune (of various kind), and a interesting life. I may crave a more stable life but, I am young and still have so much of this world to see and many more mistakes to make!


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