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Prayers for a Hermes Prayer Bead

December 11, 2011

How lucky for me! I have discovered my notes and prayers that I first thought up for Hermes and the gods when I just started as a Polytheist more then four years ago! New Years is always the anniversary of when I was compelled to seek out and understand the gods.

One of the things I did was, upon taking inspiration from the Hellenion Zeus Devotional Bead:

Though with my own prayers to Hermes, and not taken from the Homeric Hymns. I also just included Four Small Beads instead of Twelve due to Four being Hermes’s number. I had those beads for sometime but, somewhere I lost them or maybe Hermes claimed them. I definitly need to make another set… So here I offer to anyone interested some insight and inspiration if they want to make devotional beads of their own.

Opening Prayer: I give praise to Hermes, Messenger and Trickster of the gods. Son of Zeus and Most Cunning.

Large Bead Prayer: Much honored Hermes. I speak to you this prayer. Hear me, O’ Quick Footed One and grant me health, good luck, peace, and safe travel in this world and guidance to the next.

Small Bead Prayer: Hermes is the Messanger, the Trickster, the Traveler, the Luck-gover. Guide to, and Helper of All.

Closing Prayer: Cunning Hermes, Who Guides the Living and Dead. You grant your many boons to those who take heed. Oh pure and blessed one carry my pains and prayers away. Bring goodness to us all. Thank you.


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